Monday, July 20, 2015

MAC Fix+ Spray

Some artists may refer to it as glorified water, but I believe the MAC Fix + spray is an essential product in a makeup kit. The light aerosol mist provides multiple uses throughout any makeup application. Fix + is essentially an alcohol-free toner that works with any skin type from dry to normal to slightly oily. It does not contain any film-forming agents like other setting sprays do, which means it is less likely to irritate the skin. Here are a few ways I incorporate this product into my makeup routine:

1. When I apply my makeup I find my foundation normally looks better after a few hours, once it has had time to adjust to my skin and blend with any natural oils that may arise. Misting the Fix + over top of your makeup takes away that step and blends your makeup instantly. It is not a setting spray, but more so a finishing spray that will take away the powdery, caky look that a foundation application can leave. The Fix + will make your foundation appear more natural and flawless, essentially making you appear less made up.

2. When you're in a hurry, Fix + is the ideal assistant for quick touch ups. A few sprays on a sponge saves you from having to remove all of your makeup and start from scratch. Spray it on a Beauty Blender or sponge and it will provide the perfect amount of moisture to apply/re-apply your foundation and concealer.

3. A few years ago I became obsessed with the Bumble and Bumble tonic spray. A hairdresser of mine suggested that it was the perfect product to bring to the beach as a refresher spray. The only problem with the tonic spray is that it is a hair product and when spraying it on the skin can cause spotting on certain makeup. The Fix + is cooling and refreshing from the antioxidants it contains (chamomile, green tea, and caffeine) and does the same job but without ruining your makeup. It's the perfect product if you want to enjoy a hot summer day and keep your makeup looking flawless at the same time.

4. One of my favourite uses for Fix + is it's ability to enhance the colours of my eyeshadows and blushes. I spray it once onto my makeup brush before dipping the brush into the makeup. You will immediately notice how much brighter and pigmented the colour of your makeup looks. This is the secret tool to getting your eyeshadow to look as bright and colourful as the looks you see all over Instagram and magazines.

Colour on the left is applied with a dry brush. Colour on the right applied with a brush sprayed with Fix +.

5. You can also use the Fix + to dilute liquid, cream or gel products. It won't alter the quality of the makeup and will make it easier to apply. When using it with foundation or concealer it will give you a longer play time. I love using this with gel liner as it gives a much smoother, defined line compared to using the product straight from the jar.

What is your favourite way to use Fix+? Comment below and let me know!

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