Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Reasons to Re-watch The OC

Last week I figured out how to download the CW Stream app from Canada, which has every episode of The OC available to stream for free (normally you can only access it from the states). Re-watching shows I haven't seen for a while is always entertaining. I pick up on things I may have missed or forgotten about, as well as rediscover the things I originally loved about the show during my first go around. With the air growing cooler and the winds getting stronger, now is the time to bundle up at home and start a marathon of an old favourite. So far in my own marathon, here are a couple reasons I picked out as to why re-watching the show has turned out to be an excellent decision.

1. The Music

The OC was a leader when it came to the discovery of new, indie bands through TV shows. I even wrote an essay on this topic for one of my music courses while I was in university. The music moments in The OC were epic to say the least. Any avid watcher of the show can picture the exact scenes that occurred if I name significant songs, such as "Paint the Silence" by South or "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap. They helped popularize bands that previously held little mainstream recognition at the time. Come on - would anyone actually know who Death Cab for Cutie was if it weren't for Seth Cohen's alternative taste in music? 

2. Fashion Crimes

The OC was guilty of fashion crimes throughout every single episode. Having been a teenager at the time the show aired, I still can't believe that I actually thought it was cool to copy outfits on the show, such as Anna's tube top over a long sleeved shirt. Seriously, what were the stylists thinking? Juicy sweatsuits are one thing, but bandanas on high school students make for a whole new level of shame.

3. Gossip Girl Parallels

After The OC ended, creator Josh Schwartz proceeded to produce Gossip Girl. If you compare the two shows, there are endless similarities to pick out. The older woman and the younger boy? Trade out Julie and Luke for Gossip Girl's Nate and the Duchess. Caleb Nichol and Bart Bass both fill their show's slot as the rich, old, businessman. Kirsten Cohen and Lily Bass have many things in common, including their lack of cooking skills - the actresses even share the same first name! Both shows filled the roles of the damsel in distress and headstrong brunette. From secret siblings to scandalous sex tapes, it becomes a game to try and pick out all the parallels between both of Schwartz's shows.

4. Pre-fame Celebrities

In addition to the celebrity guest roles, such as George Lucas and Paris Hilton and Chris Brown, The OC also showcased new actors who are now well known throughout TV and Hollywood. Shailene Woodley can be seen as the first Kaitlin Cooper, before Willa Holland's reprise of the role in season 3. And who could forget Olivia Wilde as Marissa's lesbian lover? Chris Pratt, Amber Heard, Paul Wesely (Vampire Diaries), Cam Gigadet and Nikki Reed (Twilight), Ashley Benson, Janel Parrish and Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars), Annalynne McCord (90210), and Max Greenfield (New Girl) have all made appearances on The OC.

5. Chrismukkah

Do you want a menorah or a candy cane?

Christmas or Hannukah?

In the Cohen house, nobody had to choose.

Who could forget the show's infamous holiday created by Seth Cohen. As a boy who shares both Christian and Jewish faiths, he created the ultimate way to gain the best of both worlds. As Seth said, Chrismukkah consists of eight days of presents followed by one day of many, many presents. This OC episode is the perfect tool to put you in a festive mood just in time for the holidays. 

What was your favourite part about The OC? Comment below with your answers!

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