Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Young Love

While browsing Facebook today I came across a Danish-Dutch photographer named Karen Rosetzsky. Upon seeing a few photographs from her first book, Young Love, I was instantly intrigued. For a while my boyfriend and I have thought about doing a photoshoot together. Rosetzsky's style captures exactly the kind of energy my boyfriend and I, as well as many couple out there, would like to see in a romantic photograph. 

Based in Amsterdam, Rosetzky works as a lifestyle and fashion photographer. Her vibrant, yet peaceful style has become a trademark that has brought her success and recognition throughout her career. Young Love, her most recent project, has been her focus over the last three years.

 A son of Rosetzky's colleague and his girlfriend  - one of the very first pictures she took for the book.

When she was 23, Rosetzsky moved to Holland to be with her husband. Since young love is was what brought her there in the first place, she felt it was right to make a book out of it.

Hopeless romantics will go crazy over this book. Even those less excited about love may still find it hard to dislike Rosetzsky's portraits of couples from Amsterdam, Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, New Orleans, Capetown and Prague. The pictures I've seen embody exactly what I picture when I think of European relationships: liberating, relaxed, and raw. 

Rosetzsky's personal favourite image from Young Love.

I didn't have any luck finding this book in Toronto, but it is available to purchase online here: http://shop.halal.amsterdam. The book is 35 Euros, so I'm hoping that it comes to Canada soon to save the cost on shipping! The price looks like it's worth it though, as the book is over 200 pages long. Though I obviously haven't had the opportunity to look through the entire book, I think it would make the perfect gift for any lover of photography or romance.


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