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Stocking Stuffers Under $100

When it comes to Christmas shopping, finding an affordable yet interesting gift can be a challenge. Most people have more than a few people to shop for and don't want to go spending hundreds of dollars per person. Though they may not all be able to fit into a stocking, these gifts are all under $100. I own many of the items on this list, and can guarantee that they are not only practical, but fun presents any girly girl will love.

1. Kate Spade Accessories

Kate Spade never ceases to amaze me when it comes to producing the most adorable accessories. Her pieces are unique, practical and consistently affordable. Last year I purchased the 'Glitter Bug Stacy' wallet, and I have received endless compliments on it. It is sparkly and festive - perfect for any holiday party. It comes in a larger size, a mini wallet, and a wristlet. 
$98.00 for Large/$78.00 for Small

Find it at:

Another Kate Spade item I think is incredible is the self-charging phone case. I own a few portable chargers and I find it a bit awkward to bring them out to charge my phone in a club or social gathering. The built-in charger is more discrete, and will do the same job as any portable charger. The one listed below just makes the list at $100. Before you make the purchase though I will give you a tip: I was at Winners just the other day and saw a few for half the price.


Find it at:

2. The Giving Keys Jewellery

When I was introduced to The Giving Keys a few years ago, I was instantly impressed by concept. Creator Caitlin Crosby's purpose for the company is to employ homeless people. She gives those looking for a second chance jobs creating the jewellery. Each key has a motivational word engraved on it, such as "dream" or "believe." Crosby says that the keys remind her of people: a little bit flawed and no two the same. The Giving Keys also stick by the "pay it forward" motto. The purpose of the jewellery is to eventually pass it along to someone who you feel needs the message more than you. This gift is not only original, it also supports a good cause. 

From $52.00

Find it at: 
The Store on Queen (662 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON), Elle Hardware (695 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON) 

3. Socks

A few months ago, my boyfriend bought me the cutest socks from this little Asian boutique called "Just You Too" (the sister boutique to Koreatown's "Just You"). It's become a tradition that everytime we go by there I pick out a new pair of socks. The socks have different cartoon animal patterns on them, similar to Hello Kitty. I've actually grown excited to pick out which pair of socks to wear each morning. In addition to these cartoon socks, I've also fallen in love with the pair of cableknit reading socks I purchased at Indigo a few weeks back. Even if you're not a reader, these oversized socks are perfect for lounging around and relaxing at home. It may seem silly to give socks as a gift, but when they have a twist like these ones do, your present will be a hit.

$4.99 each

Find it at:
Just You (624 Bloor St. West, Toronto, ON) and Just You Too (686 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON)


Find it at: 

4. Breakfast at Tiffany's Sleepwear

There is nothing about Audrey Hepburn's style that I don't like. Breakfast at Tiffany's contains so many iconic outfits that I draw inspiration from on a daily basis. One of my favourite attires in the film is her bedroom wardrobe which she is wearing when she first meets George Peppard's character. The sleepmask, tassle earplugs, and oversized dress shirt make up the perfect outfit for any glamour girl. A long time ago I ordered my own pair of tassle earplugs from a random site on the internet. Now, they are all over Etsy. I've posted links for each of her sleep items. Any fan of this movie will be seriously impressed with any one of them. 

$61.68 for the set (both items can also be purchased individually)

Find it at:

Find it at:

5. Earmuff Headphones 

While I was on holiday in Los Angeles a few winter's ago I found a pair of Juicy Couture earmuff headphones on sale. Although they didn't prove to be any use in California, they've certainly made their rounds throughout the Toronto winters. Normally I go through at least a few pairs of headphones a year, but these ones have somehow lasted winter after winter without any issues. I love knowing that these earmuffs will keep my ears warm while also blasting my favourite holiday tunes. Juicy no longer carries the ones I bought, but Free People makes a similar product for even less than Juicy.


Find it at:

6. Pinch Emergency Kit

I've come across a few kits similar to the Pinch Emergency Kit, but none are as compact and thorough as this one. I was so impressed with how much they managed to fit into such a small bag. Deodorant, lip balm, hair spray, breath freshener, earring backings, a tampon: these are just a few of the many items in this feminine survival package. The kit is small enough that you could fit it into most evening purses, and saves you the trouble of having to pack each of these items individually. This is an ideal stocking stuffer for almost any girl.

Find it at:

7. Tumblers

No matter how many I have, I can always find an excuse to buy more mugs and tumblers. Be it on the internet or little boutiques around town, there is always a tumbler with a new design or color that catches my eye. They come in different variations, prices and sizes. It's so easy to find one that makes you think it was made "just for you." Here are a few of my recent favourites.


Find it at:

'I Swear on My Chanel' tumblers. $20.00 USD. Worldwide shipping.

Find it at:

Find it at:


As an avid reader, I really should get out of the habit of using scrap receipts as my bookmarks. With so many beautfiful, handmade options out there you would think I would have bought one by now. The reason I haven't just bought one of the many they carry at Indigo is because I have my heart set on this Wizard of Oz bookmark I found by an Etsy vendor. I keep meaning to order it, but I don't have nearly as much motivation to do online shopping as I do with stores in person. Having said that, it is something I would love to own, as would any other bookworm I know.


Find it at:

9. Monogram Cheeseboard

For the girl who loves to host (or maybe the girl who just loves cheese: ie, me). I know this gift is perfect for cheeselovers and hostesses galore because a friend of mine got me one last year and I love it. Sure, you can cut your cheese on a cutting board and make it look nice on plates, but having the actual cheeseboard makes it look much more classy and domestic. It's one of those gifts that is almost better when someone else gives it to you as opposed to buying it for yourself. The Indigo store online doesn't seem to carry the one I received last year, but Williams-Sonoma carries a similar one.


Find it at:

10. Hotline Bling Sweater

In case you're not already sick of Drake's 'Hotline Bling' there are sweaters out there capturing the epic dance moves from the music video. The original sold out like crazy, but can still be found on Etsy. Christmas versions, even more appropriate for the holidays, have been created as well. This would make a great pre-Christmas present for ugly sweater parties, or alternatively the perfect present for any crazy Drake fans out there. 


Find it at:


Find it at:

11. Pompoms

Pompoms have become a huge trend over this season and the last. Some stores were selling these little furballs for over $100, which I thought was ridiculous for such an object. When Mendocino released them I was going to go purchase one for a reasonable $38, but ended up finding on for a fraction of that price at Just You Too (the same store I found the socks at #3 on this list). Pompoms aren't just a fashion accessory. If you use your pompom as a keychain it makes it a million times easier to find your keys when you're in a hurry.


Find it at:
Mendocino stores ($38.00) and Just You Too (686 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON)

Hopefully these gifts have put you on the right track, or have inspired you to start doing your Christmas shopping. It doesn't have to be expensive or stressful - make your holiday shopping fun! Get creative, search around on Etsy, go to markets and you will definitely find the perfect little something for each person on your Christmas list.

With love,

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