Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Love Story

People always ask me how I met Sean, my boyfriend. If they're seeking a way that they too can meet a great guy, then our story probably won't be too helpful. If they are looking for a story that will make them believe in love at first sight, then ours is the perfect fit.

Sean and I met last April outside of the club Citizen, over on King and Brant. I was saying goodbye to a few friends of mine, when I noticed two of my girlfriends were talking to a really hot guy. I walked over, but instead of marching up and introducing myself I kind of just hid behind my friends. The hot guy (who was Sean, in case you didn't already guess) noticed me, and picked me out from behind my friends. "You're Lebanese," he stated. The fact that he recognized my nationality was extremely impressive, never mind that he revealed his Lebanese roots as well. At that point I hadn't come across many Lebanese people my age in Toronto, let alone a cute Lebanese guy. Suffice to say, I was excited about him from the first second.

After talking to Sean for mere minutes, I was already extremely impressed with how much of a gentleman he was. Being around him made me feel calm and giddy at the same time. I felt it then, and I recognize it even more so now, that I was experiencing love at first sight. It may seem crazy to believe, but we both agree that this was the case.

Sean invited us to join him at an after party a few blocks away. We took separate cabs, and my friends and I arrived first. We waited inside for around ten minutes, when one of my friends offered the idea that maybe Sean wasn't coming to meet us. Something inside of me knew that he was going to show up, and a few minutes later I was proven right.

The club we were at had closed for an after party, so unlike regular club hours there were few people there and the music was quiet enough to talk over. Sean and I chatted, learning bits and pieces about each other, and I never ceased to be intrigued by him throughout our conversation. At one point during our talk, he kissed me, and it felt like a perfect kiss. We weren't making out in the club or anything, but it was enough of a kiss that it added even more sparks to a connection that was already there.

Sean asked me to go out with him for dinner the following week. I loved that he had the confidence to ask me for dinner, rather than just a coffee or drink. To me, dinner means that a person is sure enough about you to commit to sitting through a full meal together, whereas drinks or coffee give you the chance to dip at any moment. We had talked about the dinner versus coffee date situation that night, so it made all the difference that he didn't just ask me out on a casual date.

Sean messaged me later that night, and we talked until the following day. At the time, I wasn't sure how interested in me he was, but all I could do was hope that the feelings I was having were mutual. I said at the beginning that our story isn't a lesson on how to meet a guy. What I meant, is that I think what happened between us is rare. We met outside a club around 2 a.m., we were instantly starstruck by one another, and almost immediately began dating. Even when we were trying to take things slow, it still only took us a month before we became exclusive. Some people say that the chances of meeting you soulmate when you are drunk or out at a club isn't realistic, and I have to agree. Some couples will meet that way, but it's not the norm - at least not in a party city as vibrant as Toronto. As pragmatics would say, we were an exception to the rule. As romantics would say, we were the lucky ones. We were just two people living our lives who happened to cross paths and fall in love. I can't sum it up to anything either than luck, and maybe - just maybe - the magic of true love

A special thank you to our photographer Yasmeen from Musemoi Studios. You can view the rest of her work at http://www.musemoistudios.com We had a blast working with her, and would recommend doing a couples photoshoot, whether you have an occasion to do so or not. We did ours for fun, and now we have special pictures to fill empty frames and to keep as memories forever.

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