Monday, April 25, 2016

8 Spots to Get a Healthy Meal in Toronto

Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake, Glory Hole Donuts, Sweet Jesus - these are just a few of many tempting treats Toronto has to offer. It may seem unbelievable at times, but there are just as many healthy options out there as there are unhealthy ones. As much as I'm always looking for the latest dessert fad, I get equally excited when I discover a new food that is healthy, as well as delicious. Most of these spots are vegan/vegetarian friendly, but there are a few clean options for meat lovers included on the list. The best part is that several of these establishments offer delivery through Foodora, meaning healthy options are now just as accessible as ordering a pizza. The following are my go-to spots when I need a healthy meal on the go.

1. The Grow-Op
222 Ossington Avenue,
Try: The Peanut Butter Acai Bowl - the peanut butter crunch will trick you into thinking you're eating a dessert instead of breakfast.

2. Kupfert and Kim
Vegan. Delivery is available through Foodora. Produce is mainly local and anything on the dirty dozen is always organic.

Image: IG @kupfertkim

Try: The First Canadian Place bowl. It's packed with every colour of the rainbow and is bound to leave you full for hours.

3. iQ Food Co
Vegan-friendly, with meat options. Delivery available through Foodora.

Image: IG @iqfoodco

Try: The Apple Cobb. Maybe not the healthiest thing on the menu, but you also can't call anything in it unhealthy. Chicken, spinach, cheese, apples topped with a honey Dijon dressing. Sweet and savoury with a bit of a kick.

4. Picnic
Made fresh daily, and reasonably priced. A wide selection of meals, perfect for anyone craving more than just a rice bowl.

Image: IG @picnicfood

Try: The Party Sandwich to eat, the Chocolate Machine to drink. Get the best of both worlds with one half of a Wasabi Tuna and the other half Egg salad in the party sandwich. You'll think you're drinking a chocolate milkshake the second you taste the Chocolate Machine - only it's a protein filled combination of almond butter, whey protein, chocolate almond milk, banana and coconut oil!

5. Fresh
Vegan/vegetarian friendly. Delivery available through Foodora.

Image: IG @freshrestaurants

Try: A baby bowl with brown rice or greens. Instead of overindulging on a full size bowl, opt for a smaller portion of their classic noodle bowls with brown rice or veggies instead of soba noodles. The baby size is still filling, but not as heavy as the regular portion. 

6. Live
Vegan and Organic. Delivery available through Just-Eat. Products sold at Loblaws, Whole Foods and Noah's.

Image: IG @vegangirlfriend

Try: The Kale Caesar. I like this even better than most Caesar salads. It tastes better fresh, so visit the location on DuPont for this meal instead of picking it up at a grocery store.

7. Hibiscus
238 Augusta Avenue,, Closed Mondays
Vegetarian crepes, soups and salads.

Image: IG @tastetoronto

Try: The Salad - 42 ingredients, including quinoa, sweet potato, broccoli, beans, tofu, kale, kelp, carrots, beets and okara.

8. Bolt Fresh Bar
1170 Queen Street West,
Vegan bowls, juices, salads and smoothies.

Try: An Acai Parfait with coconut whip. It will give you natural energy to start your day off right.

Happy Eating, friends!

With love,

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