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Brow Products for Beginners

When I was in middle school, I had my eyebrows waxed for the first time by a lady named Anastasia in Beverly Hills. Little did I know that she would become the go-to brow expert ten years later. At the time I had my brows groomed by Anastasia, a lot of her products still weren't available in Canada. Nowadays, we are lucky enough to have all of her tools and tricks of the trade at our fingertips, be it via Sephora or online tutorials.

A perfect brow can make a world or a difference. When brows are groomed and filled in they will help frame your face and enhance features that are already there. I've used almost all of Anastasia's products for long enough to know that hers are the best in the business. There are dupes out there, and similar products by other brands, but when it comes to brows, Anastasia is my ride or die girl. The following is a guide to help introduduce you to her products, and pick the ones best suited to your brows.

Unless specified, all of the following products are available at Sephora (http://www.sephora.com/anastasia-beverly-hills).

Brow Stencils

If you've made failed attempts to create a long, full brow, then these stencils are your missing ingredient. The kit comes with five different stencils that are made to suit anyone. After determining your brow and face shape, you simply hold the stencil up to your brow and fill it in with your preferred brow product (my favourites are below). Think of these stencils as brow-shaping training wheels. After a while of using them, you'll be such a pro that you'll know your appropriate brow shape by heart.

My Tools

I apply all of the products discussed below using the same brush. When it comes to applying brow products, an angled brush will become your best friend. The slimmer it is, the better. My favourite is brush #266 from MAC (below), but any slim angled brush will work. Anastasia has her own as well, which are made specifically with brows in mind. When I apply the Dip Brow, I like to use a separate eye liner brush to apply the product, and then I blend it with my angled brush. This is a matter of preference, and there isn't one right way to apply each product. Some people choose to apply their brow product with an angled brush, and then blend it with a spoolie, a method that also works well. My advice is to try out a couple techniques and decide which one comes easiest to you.
Brow Wiz

This is my go-to Anastasia product. Whether you're a brow novice or a beginner, this product is easy to use. It draws an ultra-slim line, and is meant to mimic fine, hair-like strokes. I like it because it gives a more natural look, but is also buildable if you want to go bolder at times. Though I like to draw a line and blend with an angle brush as I go, you don't technically need to since the pencil comes with a spool on one end to help brush and blend hairs.


For those of you that follow Anastasia on Instagram, admiring those pictures of perfect brows, this is often the product used to create a flawless, and almost airbrushed effect. It can be trickier to use than the brow wiz, but once perfected, the dipbrow result is worth it. Even though I went to school for makeup, we didn't learn how to use this product. Most of my knowledge comes from studying the looks featured on her Instagram account, such as these:

One reason I like this product is because a little goes a long way. If I'm lucky, I can get two months out of the Brow Wiz, whereas with the Dip Brow I can stretch it out for almost a year. When my Dip Brow starts to run low, I dilute it with a small spritz of MAC Fix Plus spray. It extends it's longevity, while thinning it out slightly.

Brow Duo

A basic brow powder, only you get two shades in one compact. I like to use the darker shade underneath and around the tail of my brow, and use the lighter shade to fill in the front. This is a good practice tool if you're too afraid to mess up the Dipbrow or Brow Wiz, as it will appear lighter and mistakes won't be as obvious. The result isn't as dark as the other products, but it will still shape your brows nicely.

Tinted Brow Gel

Personally I don't use the tinted brow gel - in case you haven't noticed, my brows are almost as dark as they come. For anyone on the lighter end of the scale however, this tint will fill in sparse spaces while adding control and shape. Some people have an excellent brow shape, but their brows are just too light for it to be seen. This gel will bring out the color in the hairs that are already there. You can use it on its own, or with one of the above products for maximum fullness.


Highlighter will help enhance the shape of your brow. Just as you compliment face countouring with a highlight on the cheekbone, you apply highlighter below the brow bone to enhance the contrast between your brows and skin. I jump at the chance to add anything shimmery into my beauty routine, so I am a huge fan of highlighter. You can get away with using any light eyeshadow, but Anastasia's Brow Duality is great because you get a shimmery highlighter on one end, and a matte highlighter on the other.

Starting Out

If you are still having trouble deciding where to start your brow grooming endeavour, I would recommend investing in one of the below brow kits. They come with all the tools required to shape a brow, and guides to help you along the way.

Beauty Express for Brows and Eyes, $51.00

Final Advice

To summarize all the information above, here is the short. For the most natural look, choose the Brow Duo and/or Brow Gel; for a defined brow, choose the Brow Wiz; and for a bold, flawless, defined brow choose the Dip Brow. In the same order, these products go from the easiest to use (Brow Duo), to the hardest (Dip Brow). Invest in a good angled brush, and I promise you won't regret it. Brows are an art that take time to perfect, but I have faith that anyone can get the hang of it with the right tools and dedicated practice. I've given you the first half - now it's up to you to try it yourself!

If you are still lost when it comes to brow products, comment below with all of your questions!

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