15 Super Fetch 'Mean Girls' Products

Anyone from my generation knows that it's basically customary to quote Mean Girls in everyday conversations. Tina Fey's hilarious script was extremely influential to millennials, and continues to sneak it's way into our lives. In case quoting the movie isn't enough for you, I've compiled a list of super fetch Mean Girls items to add to your online shopping lists.

As Regina George would say: Get in loser, we're going shopping.

1. Door Mat

2. Pencils

3. Phone Case

4. Mugs

5. Popcorn Jelly Beans

6. Butter Dish 

7. Notebook

8. Candle 

9. Hair Ties

10. Sweatshirt

11. Tote Bag

12. Glitter Banner

13. Cards

14. Car Decal

15. Mini Mean Girls

The limit definitely not exist when it comes to how many awesome Mean Girls products there are. Hopefully this list will get you through your pink-filled Wednesday. 

With love,

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