Sunday, May 15, 2016

23 Life Lessons from Lauren Conrad

As a teenager I was obsessed with Laguna Beach and The Hills. I always liked Lauren Conrad, but she didn't really strike me as the most intelligent person from the get go. Remember when she was grounded for getting bad grades in school? How about when she stayed with bad boy Jason Wahler after she caught him with another girl? Season after season however, I began to notice a change in her character. Lauren came into herself and grew up to be a hardworking woman with goals, grace and plenty of intelligence. Many of Lauren's quotes from interviews and past episodes of The Hills are wise words that I will always carry with me. Here are a few times when Lauren Conrad got life just right.

1. Think positive

2. When it comes to friends, look for quality over quantity

3. Don't go on fad diets. Eat healthy, and indulge in smaller portions

4. When you stop thinking about a guys, that's when you'll hear from them

5. Don't forget to look out for yourself 

6. It's important to forgive, but it's also important to move on

7. Don't take things personally - sometimes the problem has nothing to do with you

8. Don't date someone just for the sake of dating

9. You know when you're in love

10. Being basic isn't necessarily a bad thing

11. Never settle

12. You can never make everyone happy

13. Treat people the way you want to be treated

14. You can't be friends with everyone

15. Figure out how to differentiate good people from bad people

16. Don't waste your time on people who don't care about you

17. Always be nice to others

18. The best relationships are the ones where you can lay back and do nothing, but still enjoy your time together

19. Own up to your mistakes

20. For every question, there is a witty comeback
21. Trust and loyalty are the most important qualities in any relationship

22. No matter how bad things get, they will always get better

23. And when things do get tough, always have a back-up plan

Lauren's philosophies on life are simple, relatable and true. Don't take life too seriously, and don't leave any room for negativity or bad people. I hope these quotes leave you inspired and motivated for the week, as they did me.

With love,

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