Monday, February 20, 2017

My Winter Reading List

One of the greatest romances in my life has been my love of books. There is nothing quite like the feeling of completely immersing yourself in a novel and taking a leap into an imaginary world. Growing up, I was that kid that kept my night light on past bedtime because I was just dying to find out how my current read was going to end.

Nowadays, my love affair with reading hasn't strayed far from my childhood all nighters. Once I find a book that I love, there is no use in trying to make me put it down. This winter I lost an exceptional amount of sleep because so many good books kept coming my way.

From roaming the aisles of Indigo, to browsing through Pinterest and Goodreads, I'm never short of ways to find book recommendations. If you haven't already heard of Goodreads, you're in for a treat. The app allows you to track and rate your books, building you a digital bookshelf as you add more and more books to your library. You can add your books to the categories: to-read, read, and currently reading. Recommendations are given to you based on the books you have rated. It's like Facebook, but for books - a book lover's dream!

Normally I only share books I've already finished; however, for this post I've decided to share the books I've recently read, am currently reading, and would like to read next.

Books I've Read

Maybe in Another Life and One True Loves

A couple months ago, I read 'Maybe in Another Life' by Taylor Jenkins Reid and I am now obsessed with her writing. The only reason I haven't read her other two novels yet is because I am savouring them - I am scared to run out of Taylor Jenkins Reid books! Her strong female leads and compelling storylines kept me glued to the pages of both novels. I read each of them within a day because of how attached I was. I've included a short summary for each book that I can guarantee will intrigue all romantics out there.

Maybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Twenty-nine year old Hannah Martin heads home after a huge break-up. On her first night back, she goes out with her best friend Gabby and some of their old high school friends. Amongst them, is Gabby's high school boyfriend, Ethan. At the end of the night, Ethan wants Hannah to stay with him, but Gabby wants to go home. The entire novel from there on out is told in concurrent storylines - one where Hannah stays with Ethan, and the other where she goes home with Gabby. This book is perfect for people who love to ask the question: what if?

One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid
After his helicopter goes missing, Emma Blair must deal with the loss of her husband, Jesse. While putting her life back together, she crosses paths with Sam, an old friend from high school. Emma and  Sam become engaged, but then the unimaginable happens - Jesse is found. Emma is forced to make the impossible decision: marry her fiancĂ© or go back to her husband.

All is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

When Jenny Kramer is sexually assaulted at a high school party, her parents make the decision to give her a drug that will erase the incident from her memory. Told from the point of view of Jenny's psychiatrist, this story becomes a compelling mystery, as Jenny and her doctor attempt to retrieve the memories from the night of her attack. 

The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

For lovers of Gone Girl, and The Girl on the Train, this equally suspenseful whodunnit novel is your next must-read. Journalist Lo Blacklock boards a luxury cruise as an assignment for work. What is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime, turns into a nightmare when Lo hears a body being thrown overboard during her first night on the ship. The problem? Every passenger on board is accounted for. In a series of twists and turns, Lo sets out to figure out just who that women was over in cabin number ten.

Currently Reading

Red Sparrow by Jason Matthews

I found this espionage thriller on a list of 2017 book to movie adaptations. When I read that Jennifer Lawrence would be playing the female lead in the movie version, I was instantly hooked. Dominika Egorova is a Russian spy who has been drafted against her will to become a "Sparrow"- a trained seductress in 'sexpionage.' When she begins to fall for the subject of her assignment, CIA officer Nathaniel Nash, the two become entangled in a dangerous, deadly love affair. I'm only a few chapters in, but as someone who doesn't normally read Russian spy novels, I'm already intrigued.

Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James

As much as I'm embarrassed to be including this book on the list, I'm not going to lie about why my progress on Red Sparrow has slowed down over the last couple days. After I saw the new Fifty Shades movie, I just had to find out what happened next. When the books first came out, I read the first two, but couldn't handle reading another one at the time. I had a feeling the time would come when I would give into this guilty pleasure again, and that time is this week.

Want to Read

As mentioned above, the remaining Taylor Jenkins Reid novels are at the top of my 'to-read' list. I am most excited for her upcoming novel, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. This novel revolves around the (fictional) classic film actress, Evelyn Hugo and the tale of her rise to fame. When she chooses an unknown reporter to tell her story, what appears to be a generous opportunity turns into the lives of two strangers intersecting in tragic ways. Being a huge fan of both Old Hollywood, and the author, I know before I even open it that this is a novel I'm going to love.

Another book I found off of the 2017 book-to-movie adaptation list is Thank You for Your Service by David Finkel. In case you haven't picked up on it, I'm one of those people who has to read the book  before I see the movie. This book strives to answer the questions: where do soldiers belong after their homecoming? Who can they turn to in moments of hardship? And can we reasonably expect them to  rejoin their communities? Though I try to read a little bit of everything, this isn't the type of novel I would typically read, so I'm excited to expand my horizons.

What have been some of your favourite books this year? Comment below with your recommendations. I'm always looking for my next favourite novel - and with that, I'm off to see if my current read fits the bill.

With love,

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