Friday, March 10, 2017

Back to Basics

As much as I love fun prints and bright colours, I would say that my personal style is very simple. I'm not someone who wears overwhelming amounts of jewellery or accessories - coordinating that many things is just too much for my brain to handle! With my transition to a casual office setting over the winter, I've been trying to keep my looks crisp and clean. Though plain black and white doesn't necessarily scream excitement, I think it's important to be able to put together a nice outfit using only those shades. 

This white vest gives a little bit of detail and edge to the plain black outfit. I originally saw a similar vest at Aritzia for around $250. I wasn't willing to splurge that much on a trendy piece, so when I saw  a more affordable version at M for Mendocino a few days later, my problem was solved.

Lately, I've really relied on M Boutique when I want to fill up my wardrobe without breaking the bank. Whether it's a staple item, or something trendy, their wide selection of clothes covers a wide range of different styles. As much as I love my designer goods, I think it's important to be able to go into any store and put together a stylish outfit. Thanks to M Boutique, I found my go-to going out top this winter, my New Year's Eve dress, as well as a few comfy sweaters. I just love M!

I hadn't used this Tory Burch bag for a while, but I knew that it would go perfectly with the black and white theme I had going on. I forgot how practical of a bag it was, and have since re-incorporated it into my everyday wardrobe. The fact that it was a sunny day made it all the better, as I was able to throw on my matching Chanel sunglasses. 

I love mixing and matching opposites: old with new, cheap with expensive, black with white, to name a few. Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether something cost a little or a lot of money just by looking at it. If there's one thing you'll continue to see on my style posts, it will be that I'm really all over the map when it comes to where I buy my clothes and how much I'm willing to spend on them. There's definitely an art in making something cheap look expensive, and it's one that I am striving to master when it comes to my own personal style.

Do you prefer tons of colour, or is your style more monochrome? Some days I really can't decide which way to go! Comment below with your thoughts.

The Look: Bodysuit - M Boutique, Vest - M Boutique (in store only), Jeans - Zara, Boots - Ecco, Bag - Tory Burch, Sunglasses - Chanel
All photos taken by Sean Vesely.

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