Friday, March 3, 2017

Going to Church

Two weekends ago, I was introduced to the term 'going to church,' which I discovered was another way to say 'Sunday Fun Day'. For anyone hearing this term for the first time, as I was that night, it simply means that you are going to party or drink on a Sunday.

Am I the only one who had never heard of that saying before? I thought it was so funny and clever.

It was pure coincidence that when I was shooting this look earlier that day, I thought to myself: This would be the perfect church outfit. It can often be a challenge to find something stylish, yet conservative and classic enough to impress the seniors in the room.

I found this dress last year at Banana Republic and it has forever since been my go-to professional dress. I've worn it to interviews, fancy dinners, day functions and nights out. It is classic, yet versatile, and I feel like Audrey Hepburn whenever I put it on.

I paired it with my Kate Spade oxford heels, and a simple pair of black tights. I find navy and black together can be hit or miss, but this outfit works perfectly with the combination.

What is your go-to church chic, professional outfit? Is church chic even a thing? Did I make it up?

Comment below with your answers!

All photos taken by Savana Salloum.

With love,

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