Sunday, March 5, 2017

Light Café

As soon as I stumbled across Light Cafe's Cotton Candy Coffee on Instagram, I knew what I would be doing with my next free afternoon. For the longest time I had wanted to try cotton candy coffee, but didn't know of anywhere that served it in Downtown Toronto. I looked them up, and discovered that the restaurant is one of the hidden gems over on Baldwin Street, along with places like Kekou Gelato and Arctic Bites. That strip is full of little restaurants where you'll find students from the surrounding schools eating and taking food pics every day.

Confession: I'm really not a big coffee drinker. I wish I were - I love the taste of it, but not how it makes me feel after a full cup. For whatever reason, my body is very sensitive towards caffeine, so I have to pick and choose my coffee battles wisely. The Cotton Candy Coffee was an exception I was more than willing to make. The presentation alone is enough to make me order it again, but I also enjoyed the taste. How does it work? You place your cotton candy in the cup, pour both the milk and coffee in at the same time, and watch the sweetener dissolve. Surprisingly, it wasn't overly sweet, and I didn't feel as jittery as I normally do after I drink caffeine.

Choosing a coffee was easy, but with their huge menu, picking my meal was so hard. From mini pizzas to a lobster bisque, so many of the dishes stood out to me, but ultimately I settled on the Lobster Roll. My girlfriend I was with chose a Grilled Chicken Teriyaki Mini Pizza. Both dishes came with a side green salad and a little bowl of fruit. We loved our meals, so it was shocking that we had room for dessert after all that food.

From the second we opened the menu, neither one of us could stop thinking about the Strawberry Waffle. The warm dessert topped with whipped cream, berries and strawberry ice cream was well worth the sugary splurge. You have the option of adding mochi to it - an asian rice candy, but we opted for a classic waffle. They had so many desserts that all looked so good, but unfortunately my stomach wasn't big enough to finish even half of the dessert my girlfriend and I split.

With such a large, creative menu and reasonable prices, it goes without saying that I'll be going back to Light Café very soon. Those small, hideaway spots always end up favourites of mine.

What are your favourite hidden restaurants in Toronto?  Comment below and let me know!

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  1. Love this place!I just went there a couple of weeks ago. It was such a random find too but turned out to be so good.
    Eleni Xo

    1. Right? It's totally hidden. I'm definitely going back cause their menu is so huge and all their desserts and coffees look so good!


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