Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sweet Hart Kitchen

As a blogger and Instagrammer, one of the biggest challenges I face is trying to maintain a clean and healthy diet, while also wanting to experience the many desserts Toronto has to offer. In a city like Toronto, we are blessed to have so many options to satisfy our cravings. Having said that, I've always thought that this city is lacking when it comes to finding healthy, yet aesthetically pleasing treats. With places like Greenhouse Juice and Planta becoming increasingly popular (seriously - have you seen the wait for brunch at Planta?) it's evident that this is a market popular enough to thrive in Toronto.

When I heard about Sweet Hart Kitchen on social media, my first thought was "my how those donuts look good!" After taking a closer look, I realized that they were not just a beautiful dessert, but a healthy one too. The donuts at Sweet Hart are plant-based, gluten free, and raw. Talk about a guilt-free dessert! After visiting this adorable little bakery and sampling some of their treats, I can say that they taste as good as they look.

Sweet Hart Kitchen opened its doors a few weeks ago to their little bakery just west of Kensington Market on 68 Wales Avenue. From the fun wall decor to the sunlit, white room, Alexandra and Julia have done such a great job of fixing up this space. Not only is so much natural light good for pictures, but a bright atmosphere also makes me feel so energized and refreshed. If you like taking pictures of your food and bakeries like I do, then Sweet Hart is a must-visit.

Julia helped me pick out an assortment of desserts to sample, and I ended up bringing home some of the snickers bars, donuts, a peanut butter and jam muffin, and a raspberry truffle. My favourite hands down was the snickers bars - I stole Sean's and ate both of ours in one sitting. It actually tasted like there was caramel in it, which gave it an amazing melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The donuts, which were what drew me into the shop in the first place, are good but very dense. For anyone who is new to eating healthy, nut-based desserts, let me tell you that this isn't your average fluffy pastry. If like myself, you are someone who is used to eating these kinds of desserts, you'll know that they make a perfect breakfast or a post workout snack. I kept mine in the fridge overnight and had one for breakfast. After eating it, I was full throughout the whole afternoon, and I actually preferred it chilled as opposed to the warm bite I sampled when I first brought it home. Overall, I loved the desserts (with the snickers bars being my favourite) and I will definitely be back to sample more of their other goods. Next time I really want to try their pizza pockets and hand pies, as I'm so curious to find out how their cashew mozzarella tastes!

My diet always goes back and forth between eating super healthy, and filling my body up with sugar. When I eat healthy, plant-based desserts, I feel so much better and naturally energized. Though you still don't want to binge on healthy dessert options, they are so much better for you than regular pastries. The thick, nut-based texture will keep you full for hours, meaning you are not only fuelling yourself with nutrient rich foods, but you also won't find yourself still hungry after you eat one. If you pay attention to how you feel after eating these desserts, versus how you feel after you eat regular sweets, I think you will notice a definite difference in your energy and body.

Alexandra and Julia (pictured above) are both such sweet, friendly, business owners - and young ones too. I love seeing millennials with drive and ambition who are looking to make positive changes in the food industry. Discovering their store came at the perfect time, as I have been making an effort to eat healthier and make better choices when it comes to my diet. Though I think indulging is necessary every so often, I love being able to eat a dessert without feeling guilty, and that's definitely how I felt after eating my treats from Sweet Hart. Whether you are vegan, celiac, or just enjoy healthy eating, Sweet Hart Kitchen is a place you need to try.

For more information about Sweet Hart Kitchen, visit their Website or Instagram. Just one look at their desserts will make you start craving them!

What are some of your favourite healthy spots around the city? Comment below with your answers! 

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