Expect the Unexpected

Over the last few years, I've become more and more infatuated with the idea that good things happen when you least expect them to. Though it may sound cliché, when I think about this concept in terms of my own life occurrences, it is simply far too true to deny. I love the idea of living life without expectations, and it's something I'm continuously training myself to do on a regular basis.

When Sean and I worked on the second half of this photoshoot (click here if you missed the first half) with Elvira Glawatzki and Jess Jiang, we had our own hopes and expectations to deal with. We had planned on shooting at three different locations, but only ended up being able to shoot at one of the places we had planned.

When we arrived at the second spot, a gorgeous secluded area by the water, there was a full production crew doing a photoshoot of their own right at sunset - prime shooting hours. All day, Jess had expressed her excitement about going to this spot, and we were all a little disappointed when we realized it wasn't going to pan out for us.

Determined to keep the shoot going, we decided to venture off and find a second spot before our time ran out. After some driving around, hopping a few fences, and trespassing a couple properties (hey, desperate times, right?), we came across this fairytale-like, woodsy setting. Even though it was completely different from what Elvira and Jess had planned, once I saw the pictures, I was so happy we had ended up there.

Much like what happened that day, I think that sometimes when we get our hopes up, what we are really getting wound up in is a feeling, and not a person or a place or a thing. It's so easy to get caught up in wanting something to happen, that we end up wanting more and more without even thinking about why we wanted it in the first place. Once you figure out the root of why you are getting your hopes up, be it for the sake of fulfilling happiness, excitement or satisfaction, it becomes a lot easier to deal with any disappointment that may occur along the way. This is something that takes a bit of mind training, but once it hits you it is life changing.

The time in my life when I met Sean is a perfect example. If you haven't heard the full story, you can read about that over here, but what I am referring to today is the mindset I was in when it came to looking for love. Throughout my teen years, and even my early twenties, I was so caught up in the idea of finding 'the one.' I used to get so upset when I would meet someone I really liked and have things not work out. It wasn't until I stopped searching for a relationship that I was actually able to let go of the stress that came along with the hunt, and actually enjoy my single life. Eventually, when I didn't even want a boyfriend, I met Sean. The spontaneity, and the fact that I wasn't looking for love, made it so much more meaningful, and obvious that I wanted to be with him and not just the idea of him. It was such a beautiful time in our lives, and I really think that having it come out of nowhere was part of what made it so exciting and special.

It's important to be open to the spontaneity life has to offer. I find that the less we get our hopes up about, the less we are let down. Life is always going to throw you curveballs - it's inevitable. But life also has a funny way of sending us exactly what we need when we really need it. I think The Rolling Stones said it best: that we can't always get what we want, but if we try sometimes, we just might find we get what we need.

Thank you so much to Jess Jiang from I Dream Studios and Elvira Glawatzki from Photography by Elvira for the hard work they put into this styled shoot. All photos from this post were taken by Elvira Glawatzki. To view my post featuring Jess, click here.

Wedding dress provided by Our Hopes and Dreams Bridal.
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