Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Bringing Britain Back

Whenever I return from a holiday, it's usually evident that I have been living life according to the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Whenever I visit Vancouver, you can usually find me decked out in Lululemon and athletic gear. When I came back from Switzerland last summer, I couldn't stop talking about the amazing cheese fondue we devoured on our last night. My return from London was no exception to this rule, and I especially found myself absorbing and adapting to all of the London trends and street style.

I picked up this top and shorts at Topshop while abroad, and even though we do have Topshop here in Canada, the stock we have in our stores does not even come close to what the flagship Topshop over on Oxford Street has to offer. We didn't even make it to every corner of the three story store during the two visits we made, and I could have easily spent a whole day there if I had the time. Seriously - the store has a full on cafe as well as different food stands dispersed throughout the floors! From the main floor, which is full of little pop-up shops, accessories and gifts, to the virtual reality water slide that you can ride for free, Topshop is more than just a store - it's an entire experience.

Before going to London, I knew that I wanted to purchase a couple items from designers that were exclusive to London. I love finding original items that nobody else I know has, especially when you can say you picked it up while on holiday. Obviously with online stores we have access to almost everything, but I'm someone who prefers to try things on in person, while also avoiding the ridiculous shipping rates.

As I mentioned in my London Travel Guide, I picked up a pair of Taylor Morris sunglasses straight from co-founder of the brand and Made in Chelsea star, Hugo Taylor. These limited-edition Roll Right frames with 18K gold lenses were the perfect piece that I knew nobody here in Toronto would have - especially since they had an onsite engraver who was able to personalize them by adding my name to them.

Coming back from London, I felt so inspired, refreshed and refined. When I think of British style, I think of outfits that are classic, yet still stylish, which is what I tried to channel in this summer outfit. I swear you feel so much more confident coming back from a holiday, and even though my personal style probably didn't seem different to everyone else, I felt totally hip and reformed as soon as I put this outfit on. To me, a holiday is a chance to reinvent yourself and to grow, and as someone who was already infatuated with British culture I made sure to bring every bit back with me that I could.

Do you get inspired after a big trip? What are some of your most influential holidays? Whenever I travel, all I want to do is travel even more! I would love to hear about your favourite places, so comment below with your answers.

Shop the Look: Top - Topshop // Shorts - Topshop // Sunglasses - Taylor Morris // Purse - Dior (in store only) // Boots - Ecco // Hat - Holt Renfrew (similar here)

All photos taken by Sue from Lipstick Jungle in collaboration with Stella from Pretty Little Wings.

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