Tuesday, November 21, 2017

5 Ways to Glam Up Your Home

To say I've been absent from the world of blogging over the last few months would be a huge understatement, but today marks the day that I am officially back. I think it's always important to listen to the signs that our body and mind are sending us, and about halfway through the summer I knew I needed a break. A lot of changes occurred in my life in that time, with the biggest thing of all being that I bought my first condo! Moving into a new place is like starting anew with a clean slate, and always makes me feel like I've been given the opportunity to redesign my life.

While I was designing my place, I really tried to find a balance between sticking to a budget, but also making my home feel comfortable and luxurious. Most of my furniture ended up coming from places like Ikea and Wayfair, but where I splurged was on little touches that make my home feel like the glamorous place I envisioned in my mind. My logic was that if I could cultivate a space that I actually wanted to spend time in and rush home to, I would spend less time and money in the outside world and save money overall. Seeing as I've decided to stay in pretty much every Friday and Saturday night since I moved, I can say with confidence that my strategy worked. Here are some of the ways I chose to glam up my condo:


My candle obsession has gotten to the point where I'm (almost) too embarrassed to talk about it. What begun with admiring the beautiful candle displays I saw other bloggers posting on in photos turned into a dangerous and expensive addiction. My favourite line right now is a Swedish brand called Byredo, and the sister company of Diptyqe. From their candles to hair perfumes I've fallen in love with the entire line. For an elegant scent with a hint of sweetness, my favourite is the Biblioteque candle which literally smells like a dreamy library. They recently released a matching room spray which I can guarantee will be on my Christmas Wish List. My other two favourite candles so far are Carrousel and Tree House (fun fact: Tree House is Taylor Swift's favourite scented candle.)


Ever since I read a post on Overheard in LA that said "He must be a millionaire, his fridge is filled with Fiji water!" I made it a point to always have my fridge stocked with my favourite drinks (including but not limited to Fiji water.) It sounds silly, but my fridge looks so much more aesthetically pleasing when my drinks are neatly organised in rows on a shelf. Not only is it nice to have a bottle of water or juice ready to grab and go at any time, it also feels hospitable to be able to offer your guests a nice selection of beverages.


Since I still have yet to afford my dream Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe, I decided to display my favourite designers on my coffee tables as opposed to in my closet. Coffee table books are an easy way to make your home feel sophisticated and stylish, and also make for great conversation starters.


I envisioned my condo looking like it came straight out of a Nancy Myers movie (think a miniature version of Cameron Diaz's home in The Holiday) and am so pleased with the final result. As much as I love pink, I decided to put that love aside and focus on cultivating a classic black, white and silver colour scheme. By keeping things simple, I ended up investing in pieces that were more timeless, like mirrored tables and a beautiful white velvet bed frame. I still add hints of pink through flowers and small accessories, but overall my place looks much classier (and cleaner!) with a monochrome theme.


Much like a good pair of jeans or a comfortable bed, I think it's always logical to invest in things you know you will make use of. The two things I do most in my kitchen are baking and making tea, so when I moved into my place I decided it was time to invest in a stand mixer and a new kettle. Keeping my kitchen clean and having my appliances neatly on display makes my place feel so much more mature and domestic. Be it a juicer, toaster, blender or mixer, I would definitely recommend investing in at least one good kitchen appliance you know you will use on a weekly basis.

What do you do to make your place feel more comfortable and chic? As much as it is coming together, my place is still a work in progress, so I would love to hear any and all of your suggestions.

Have a glamourous day lovelies!

With love,


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  1. Such great home styling tips. I'm all about beautiful coffee table books! Thanks for sharing Ciara ❤️


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