To say I've been absent from the world of blogging over the last few months would be a huge understatement, but today marks the day that I am officially back. I think it's always important to listen to the signs that our body and mind are sending us, and about halfway through the summer I knew I needed a break. A lot of changes occurred in my life in that time, with the biggest thing of all being that I bought my first condo! Moving into a new place is like starting anew with a clean slate, and always makes me feel like I've been given the opportunity to redesign my life.

While I was designing my place, I really tried to find a balance between sticking to a budget, but also making my home feel comfortable and luxurious. Most of my furniture ended up coming from places like Ikea and Wayfair, but where I splurged was on little touches that make my home feel like the glamorous place I envisioned in my mind. My logic was that if I could cultivate a space that I actually wanted to spend time in and rush home to, I would spend less time and money in the outside world and save money overall. Seeing as I've decided to stay in pretty much every Friday and Saturday night since I moved, I can say with confidence that my strategy worked. Here are some of the ways I chose to glam up my condo:


My candle obsession has gotten to the point where I'm (almost) too embarrassed to talk about it. What begun with admiring the beautiful candle displays I saw other bloggers posting on in photos turned into a dangerous and expensive addiction. My favourite line right now is a Swedish brand called Byredo, and the sister company of Diptyqe. From their candles to hair perfumes I've fallen in love with the entire line. For an elegant scent with a hint of sweetness, my favourite is the Biblioteque candle which literally smells like a dreamy library. They recently released a matching room spray which I can guarantee will be on my Christmas Wish List. My other two favourite candles so far are Carrousel and Tree House (fun fact: Tree House is Taylor Swift's favourite scented candle.)


Ever since I read a post on Overheard in LA that said "He must be a millionaire, his fridge is filled with Fiji water!" I made it a point to always have my fridge stocked with my favourite drinks (including but not limited to Fiji water.) It sounds silly, but my fridge looks so much more aesthetically pleasing when my drinks are neatly organised in rows on a shelf. Not only is it nice to have a bottle of water or juice ready to grab and go at any time, it also feels hospitable to be able to offer your guests a nice selection of beverages.


Since I still have yet to afford my dream Carrie Bradshaw wardrobe, I decided to display my favourite designers on my coffee tables as opposed to in my closet. Coffee table books are an easy way to make your home feel sophisticated and stylish, and also make for great conversation starters.


I envisioned my condo looking like it came straight out of a Nancy Myers movie (think a miniature version of Cameron Diaz's home in The Holiday) and am so pleased with the final result. As much as I love pink, I decided to put that love aside and focus on cultivating a classic black, white and silver colour scheme. By keeping things simple, I ended up investing in pieces that were more timeless, like mirrored tables and a beautiful white velvet bed frame. I still add hints of pink through flowers and small accessories, but overall my place looks much classier (and cleaner!) with a monochrome theme.


Much like a good pair of jeans or a comfortable bed, I think it's always logical to invest in things you know you will make use of. The two things I do most in my kitchen are baking and making tea, so when I moved into my place I decided it was time to invest in a stand mixer and a new kettle. Keeping my kitchen clean and having my appliances neatly on display makes my place feel so much more mature and domestic. Be it a juicer, toaster, blender or mixer, I would definitely recommend investing in at least one good kitchen appliance you know you will use on a weekly basis.

What do you do to make your place feel more comfortable and chic? As much as it is coming together, my place is still a work in progress, so I would love to hear any and all of your suggestions.

Have a glamourous day lovelies!

With love,

If you follow me on Instagram or are a frequent reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I took a bit of a break from posting over the last week or two. Sometimes we all need to give ourselves a break from social media, and I especially needed a little breather as I readjusted my routine to a new job this month. I'll be talking more about this change in another post, but for now I will say that the change I made was partially driven by my desire to immerse myself in a healthier lifestyle.

Over the last few weeks I have been so proud of how healthy, balanced and active I have been without going overboard or making any extreme changes. As someone who experimented with various diets throughout my early twenties, I've learned that the best way to stay fit or shed a few pounds is to simply eat clean and in moderation. For myself, I know I will never be able to give up sweets or carbs completely, so instead of running from these things, I choose to incorporate them into my diet in the healthiest ways that I can.

When I discovered this Peanut Butter Banana Pie on Julianne Hough's blog, I knew that I had to give it a shot. This no-bake pie is gluten free, vegan and free of refined sugar. If there's one thing I love, it's a guilt-free indulgence, and this pie is exactly that. Because of how easy it is to make, and how delicious it is, it is quickly becoming one of my favourite go-to dessert recipes. I've already made it twice this month!

It is packed with nuts, bananas, and only has two tablespoons of sweetener (I used agave) in the entire pie! The chocolate chips on top give it that extra juice, but if you want to make it even healthier you can omit them and it will still taste delicious.

No Bake Peanut Butter Pie
(original recipe from

Crust Ingredients:
• 1 cup walnuts or pecans
• 1 cup cashews
• 2 tbsp agave, honey or maple syrup
• 3 – 4 tbsp almond, rice or soy milk
• 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
• 1 tsp cinnamon
• 1/4 tsp salt

Filling Ingredients:
• 1 cup organic peanut butter, unsalted (if using salted omit salt)
• 3 medium bananas, ripe (yellow)
• 3 tbsp almond, rice or soy milk
• 2 tsp pure vanilla extract
• 1/4 tsp salt
• 1/3 cup dark chocolate chips, mini or regular (optional)

Directions: To make the crust, add Crust Ingredients to a food processor and process until a ball of dough forms, stopping and scraping the sides of the bowl. Start with a few tablespoons of almond milk and add more if necessary to bring to a desired consistency. Be careful not to over process the crust into a nut butter. Transfer the dough to a 9″ pie dish and flatten on the bottom and sides with your hands to make a pie shell. You can make a pretty rim using the fork.

Give food processor a rinse, wipe with a towel and add Filling Ingredients. Process until smooth, pausing and scraping the sides of the bowl. Pour filling into the prepared crust and smooth the top with a spatula. Sprinkle with chocolate chips (optional), cover with plastic wrap and freeze for 3-4 hours or until frozen. Thaw on a counter for about 30 minutes before slicing and serve.

What is your favourite guilt-free dessert? Comment below with your answers - I am always looking for new recipe ideas and love discovering new ways to experiment with clean, healthy ingredients!

With love,

If you checked out my Winter Reading List, you would have discovered my obsession with Taylor Jenkins Reid and her novels, Maybe in Another Life and One True Loves. From the second I opened them up, I immediately fell in love with the compelling story lines and charismatic characters in her books. Once I reached the end, all I wanted was one thing: MORE. Her novels are girly and fun, without being cheesy. There is depth and meaning within them all, which makes it so easy to get attached to the worlds Reid creates. When I heard about The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, the story of a classic Hollywood star who decides to give a tell-all about her scandalous life, I knew before I even opened it up that I was in for a real treat.

Set in present day, in the later years of her life, Hollywood legend Evelyn Hugo has finally decided give a much anticipated tell-all biography about her rise to the top, and of course, her seven husbands. When she chooses an unknown journalist, Monique Grant, even Monique herself is surprised by the unusual choice. How would Evelyn Hugo even know who Monique is? As Evelyn reveals the real behind-the-scenes details of her rise to fame, it becomes evident to Monique that Evelyn's choice was more than just a coincidence.

With a theme that focuses on female empowerment and chasing your dreams, this novel will be sure to leave you inspired and motivated. It's the perfect summer read to take to the beach or to read in a book club, and I personally found it impossible to put down. For fans of Old Hollywood, La La Land, and the world of show business, this is book is a must.

One of the lines that stood out to me the most, was when Evelyn said "Nobody deserves anything. It's simply a matter of who's willing to go and take it for themselves." I was so inspired by these words, and in true Evelyn fashion, I decided to apply them to my own life by reaching out to ask Taylor Jenkins Reid for an exclusive interview. To my pleasant surprise, she agreed, which completely validated this advice. Read on to hear all about the inspiration and details behind The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.

CS: In your previous novels, most of your characters are people who live fairly normal lives, and it is their layered personalities and the difficult situations they are faced with that make the stories so captivating. Though it is definitely not lacking in depth or hardships, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo stands out amongst the rest due to the added element of glitz and glamour. What inspired you to write a novel that focuses on the golden age of Hollywood? Did living in LA influence this decision?

TJR: Before I started writing novels, I worked in the entertainment industry -- specifically in feature casting. My husband is a TV writer and I've also written for TV. So Hollywood is everywhere for me. That informed the decision a lot. I have a film degree (technically, it's in Media Studies) so this is an area that I've long been enchanted with.

CS: Many Old Hollywood starlets popped into my mind while reading this book, especially Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Was there a real-life inspiration for Evelyn Hugo?

TJR: Evelyn Hugo is entirely her own creation but I did a lot of reading about Liz Taylor, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, and a number of other actresses in the 50s and 60s to really get a feel for what was going on during that time and what it took to become a huge name. She's her own person but there's no Evelyn without Liz or Marilyn or Ava or Rita or Lana or any of the women that made it big during that time.

CS: What type of research did you do for this novel? Did you watch movies from the Old Hollywood era or read real life biographies of iconic actresses?

TJR: I read a lot of biographies and books about the behind the scenes of Hollywood. It was the most fun I've had researching a book. I also spent a lot of time listening to "You Must Remember This", a podcast about old Hollywood stories. Strong recommend.

CS: When I hear the name Evelyn Hugo, it fits right in alongside the Hollywood greats. How did you come up with this name for the character?

TJR: Looking back, it feels sort of pre-destined. But if I rack my memory, I do remember making a long list of names and fine-tuning until I really got it perfect. Evelyn feels so real to me, it's hard for me to remember there was a time when she was just a possible idea.

There was a dry erase board in my office, as far back as 2013, with about fifty names. Celia St. James, another actress in the book, was created by pulling parts of different names I liked and mashing them together. Coming up with the names of 50's actresses is about as much fun as a person can have.

CS: What was the most challenging part of writing this book?

TJR: This was the first time I'd written about a time I hadn't lived through. So I had to do a lot of research to get the details right. What kind of cars did people drive? What restaurants were around then? What were the prevailing attitudes about some of the social issues that come up? That was new for me.

CS: One of my favourite things about your novels are the unique twists that make it impossible to put them down. This novel was no exception, and throughout the story I was desperate to know why Evelyn had picked an unknown journalist to write her biography. Without giving away too much, was there ever any alternative to the way in which Evelyn and Monique's lives intersect?

TJR: I had to make sure I knew how their lives intersected before I wrote one word of the novel. It was such an important element of the story that I could not leave it to the end. So, by the time Evelyn said her first word, I knew why she chose Monique. But there were a lot of different conversations I had in my head -- and some with my friends -- about what that element could be before I started writing.

CS: If any, what similarities do you share with Evelyn?

TJR: I like to think that Evelyn is who I would be if I wasn't so bogged down by a conscious. I'm 47% kidding.

CS: What is the most important message you want readers to take away from the novel?

TJR: There are a lot of different things going on in this story but I think the biggest takeaway is that we all need to know our value and not let other people determine how we see ourselves.

I cannot thank Taylor enough for the thought and time she dedicated to this Q and A, and connecting with her was the cherry on top of the mountain of motivation and inspiration I gained from reading this novel. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is available in stores and online. To order online or to purchase the e-book, click here.

With love,

Whenever I return from a holiday, it's usually evident that I have been living life according to the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Whenever I visit Vancouver, you can usually find me decked out in Lululemon and athletic gear. When I came back from Switzerland last summer, I couldn't stop talking about the amazing cheese fondue we devoured on our last night. My return from London was no exception to this rule, and I especially found myself absorbing and adapting to all of the London trends and street style.

I picked up this top and shorts at Topshop while abroad, and even though we do have Topshop here in Canada, the stock we have in our stores does not even come close to what the flagship Topshop over on Oxford Street has to offer. We didn't even make it to every corner of the three story store during the two visits we made, and I could have easily spent a whole day there if I had the time. Seriously - the store has a full on cafe as well as different food stands dispersed throughout the floors! From the main floor, which is full of little pop-up shops, accessories and gifts, to the virtual reality water slide that you can ride for free, Topshop is more than just a store - it's an entire experience.

Before going to London, I knew that I wanted to purchase a couple items from designers that were exclusive to London. I love finding original items that nobody else I know has, especially when you can say you picked it up while on holiday. Obviously with online stores we have access to almost everything, but I'm someone who prefers to try things on in person, while also avoiding the ridiculous shipping rates.

As I mentioned in my London Travel Guide, I picked up a pair of Taylor Morris sunglasses straight from co-founder of the brand and Made in Chelsea star, Hugo Taylor. These limited-edition Roll Right frames with 18K gold lenses were the perfect piece that I knew nobody here in Toronto would have - especially since they had an onsite engraver who was able to personalize them by adding my name to them.

Coming back from London, I felt so inspired, refreshed and refined. When I think of British style, I think of outfits that are classic, yet still stylish, which is what I tried to channel in this summer outfit. I swear you feel so much more confident coming back from a holiday, and even though my personal style probably didn't seem different to everyone else, I felt totally hip and reformed as soon as I put this outfit on. To me, a holiday is a chance to reinvent yourself and to grow, and as someone who was already infatuated with British culture I made sure to bring every bit back with me that I could.

Do you get inspired after a big trip? What are some of your most influential holidays? Whenever I travel, all I want to do is travel even more! I would love to hear about your favourite places, so comment below with your answers.

Shop the Look: Top - Topshop // Shorts - Topshop // Sunglasses - Taylor Morris // Purse - Dior (in store only) // Boots - Ecco // Hat - Holt Renfrew (similar here)

All photos taken by Sue from Lipstick Jungle in collaboration with Stella from Pretty Little Wings.

With love,

Ever since I started watching Made in Chelsea five years ago, I instantly became obsessed with the luxurious British culture that was portrayed on the show. I really didn't think that making a trip to London was in the cards anytime soon, but when Sean said we could go anywhere to celebrate our two year anniversary, that dream of mine soon became a reality. Originally we had planned on going to New York or Montreal, but when we figured out that London really was an option, we decided to book a spontaneous trip overseas less than a month before our departure.

From 'Made in Chelsea' travel guides, to recommendations by bloggers, to some googling and Pinteresting of my own, I really feel as though we maximized our week long vacation as best as we could. Before we left, I made a list of all the places that I thought would be fun to visit, and even I was impressed with how much we were able to cross off of the list.

Where to Stay

If you haven't ever seen a map of London, let me tell you - it is huge. There are so many different areas to stay in, so if you have nothing to go off of it's hard to know which one to choose. Luckily, I had narrowed down our search to hotels in Kensington and Chelsea, which is a much quieter area than Covent Garden or City of London (where all the tourist attractions are.) In terms of distance and atmosphere, I would say South Kensington, where our hotel was, would be the London equivalent of Bloor and Avenue in Toronto.

We stayed at a boutique hotel called The Bentley. Throughout our week long stay, we could not believe how calm and quiet it was - it was so nice not to have to deal with any noise! The overall atmosphere was elegant and sophisticated, thanks to the attentive staff who were there to assist us at all hours. Our king-sized bed was incredibly comfortable, and the beautiful washroom made getting ready in the morning a relaxing treat. The furniture in our room was a little dated for my taste, but that was really my only complaint.

Getting Around

Believe it or not, we did not take the tube once while we were in London. The Manchester attacks had occurred the weekend before, so we were a little weary of going to crowded areas or underground. We ended up taking Uber for our entire trip, which was obviously more expensive than taking public transit, but what I loved most about it is that it gave us the opportunity to see the whole city.

Where to Eat

I remember years ago when I talked to people about travelling to London, so many of them said that London doesn't have the greatest food. Whoever said that clearly didn't know where to eat, as we were thoroughly impressed with almost every restaurant we ate at.

Bakeries and Treats 

Given my love of pink, it was inevitable that Peggy Porschen Cakes was our first stop for a sweet treat. Many British celebrities and royals are fans of Peggy Porschen, and it is evident why. Their cakes and desserts are just as tasty as they look, and the outdoor seating makes it the perfect spot to indulge at on a sunny day. While you are in the area, I would also recommend checking out the Dominique Ansel bakery which is just down the street. It broke my heart that I was too full of cake to try one of their chocolate chip cookie shot glasses, but I knew I would have the opportunity to do so in the future at their original New York location.

Sean has never been a big chocolate lover, but he loves sugary treats like cotton candy and ice cream. When I discovered that there was a place called Milk Train that combined both, I knew we had to go. The line-up was around 20 minutes long, but we both agreed that it was worth the wait. 

Being so close to Paris, you can find many the french macaron boutiques over in London. Since I've been to Laduée so many times, I opted to try out Pierre Hermé and I loved the eclectic, fruity selection they had to offer. Plus how beautiful is the storefront? I picked up a box of macarons, as well as some savoury goods from the Fine Cheese Co. right around the corner, which made for the perfect late night snacks when we were too tired to go out and grab something to eat.

High Tea

Even though I've had high tea here in Canada, nothing could have prepared me for the unique and flawless high tea experience at Sketch. They have a few different rooms, but we chose to dine in the Gallery - a pink-themed room with hundreds of custom-made sketches covering the walls. We were able to choose two different types of tea each throughout our meal, with the option of adding champagne or a non-alcoholic cocktail (I chose the non-alcoholic raspberry drink and it was divine.) For food, were served an egg and toast, a tray of mini desserts and sandwiches, followed by scones and two different types of cake for - you guessed it, more dessert. I had no idea high tea would leave me this full, and despite the fact that it was a splurge, I truly felt we had gotten our money's worth. From the stylish man who came around to offer caviar, to the string quartet that started playing at noon, this was an experience I will never forget.


Our first lunch in London was at a Peruvian restaurant in Chelsea called Chicama. I don't think either of us had ever eaten at a Peruvian restaurant before, but when we looked up the menu we knew we had to go once we found out it was mainly seafood. The dining experience is tapas style, which I love because it means you get to try out so many different things. Though we were impressed with everything, the octopus won my vote hands down. I've eaton octopus at many different restaurants, and whether it was because of the flavourful sauce or the fact that it was cooked to the perfect texture, this was easily the best octopus I've ever tasted.

It was so nice to be in Chelsea for a whole weekend, because it meant we had two days to brunch as Londoners. For our Saturday brunch we ate at The Ivy Chelsea Garden. Since it was a little chilly, we sat inside right by the window, but the terrace was stunning, especially the back half which literally looks like the Secret Garden. Sean ordered the lobster eggs benedict and I requested to order off of a build-your-own waffle menu which I had seen online. The waffle was so delicious and with the combination of berries, ice cream, caramel sauce and meringues, I clearly chose a dessert rather than a breakfast as my meal. We didn't find this out until the following day, but apparently the Queen had eaten there the week before, so we can now say that we truly ate like royals in London! 

On Sunday, we went to Bluebird which is known as a popular spot where the Made in Chelsea crew are always hanging out. Even though I'm a huge fan of the show, I wasn't actually expecting to meet any of the stars from it, which is why I was in total shock when we found ourselves sitting just feet away from Hugo Taylor and Spencer Matthews. Even without the complete Made in Chelsea experience I would still go back, as the atmosphere out on the patio was sophisticated, relaxing and hip, but it felt truly authentic being in the presence of some of the shows most notable characters. We found out that Hugo was there to promote Taylor Morris, his sunglasses line, and I decided to pick up a pair which I'll be featuring in an upcoming post.


On our first night, we ate on the patio at The Phene, which is a little pub off of King's Road commonly featured on Made in Chelsea. Though we went for the experience, we left seriously impressed, as the lamb was so flavourful and was easily one of my favourite meals of the whole trip. We returned a few nights later for drinks, and it was evident that this is a popular place for locals to go for drinks between 6-12 p.m.

On our second night we had dinner and drinks at a chic pub called The Blind Pig, which is on top of the company's Michelin-starred restaurant, Social Eating House. Even though the menus are different, the food is made in the same kitchen, which was evident when we took the first bites of our food. We loved the truffle mac and cheese and the chicken sandwich, but what was equally impressive was the cocktail menu. The storybook themed cocktail lists consists of drinks inspired by classics like Harry Potter, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Alice in Wonderland. I knew I had to try the Winnie the Pooh inspired Hunny Pot, as it looks just like the jar from the books and is even topped with an adorable piglet candy. In terms of taste it was my second drink, The BFG inspired Dream Jar, that left me wanting to drink the night away. It was perfectly sweet and flavourful, and on top of that, it even had ice cubes that lit up. If you're looking for impressive cocktails with good food and atmosphere, The Blind Pig is a must.

On Friday night we ate at Bob Bob Ricard - a luxurious all booth restaurant that serves a combination of both English and Russian dishes. Though I was originally planning on ordering champagne just so I could hit the 'Press for Champagne' button (they actually work!), I decided to get a rhubarb gin and tonic, and it ended up being another one of my favourite cocktails this trip. To start we ordered the truffled potato and mushroom dumplings. We liked them so much that Sean decided to try an order of the lobster dumplings, but we both agreed that the mushroom ones were significantly better. For our mains we were both craving lobster mac and cheese so we each ordered one to ourselves. It was good, but in retrospect I wish I had ventured out and tried something more adventurous. Sometimes though, you've just got to fuel your craving!

We were lucky enough to get a reservation at Sushi Samba on Saturday night. Right after we booked our trip I made all of our reservations right away, and I was very thankful that I did. If you plan on going to Sushi Samba, make your reservation as far ahead of time as you can - we had a hard time getting a table even three weeks in advance. Since London is not full of skyscrapers like Toronto is, eating on the 38th floor of a skyscraper made for the most stunning view of London. The menu is a rare combination of Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian dishes. We had an array of unique sushi rolls, seafood, chicken heart and gyoza, and our taste buds were going insane. This was Sean's personal favourite out of all the restaurants we visited! They have locations in New York, Las Vegas, Dubai and Miami, so I can guarantee you we will be making another visit next time we are near a Sushi Samba.

Where to Shop

London is obviously one of the fashion capitals of the world, but I don't think anything you could have told me would have prepared me for the quality of shopping that is to be found there. Oxford Street has most of the same stores we have over here in Toronto, plus ten times more. Places like Primark and & Other Stories are perfect for shopping on a budget. For luxury shopping, Harrod's, Selfridges and Liberty London are all must-sees, regardless of whether you are buying or just window shopping. I swear I could spend all day in those stores and still not get bored. And don't even get me started on the Shoe Heaven at Harrod's - it is basically a whole wing devoted entirely to designer shoes!

Sadly I did not pick up one of the beautiful pairs from Harrod's, but my first purchase of the trip was a pair of Alice in Wonderland themed loafers from a British shoe store called French Sole. They had so many pretty designs on all their shoes that it was hard to choose just one, but I was so happy that I settled on the pair pictured above.

Sloane Street in Knightsbridge has some wonderful stores, such as Red Valentino, Chloe and Chanel, to name a few. As nice as it is to see the iconic department stores, I prefer going in and out of stores on the street, as I find I get less tired that way.

After we went to Sketch, we wandered around some of the high end stores in Mayfair. I am a huge fan of Elie Saab gowns, so when we passed the boutique I knew we had to take a look. Though we obviously weren't buying, a kind sales associate showed us all around the store, and even took us into the bridal room when I asked if Elie Saab designed wedding gowns. 

Things to Do

Get a blow-out

When I was planning our itinerary back home, I knew that Sean was going to want to sleep in on our first day there. To keep myself entertained (and also refreshed!) I decided to book myself a blow-out appointment at Duck and Dry (otherwise known as on of the most Instagrammable salons in London.) To say I've had a lot of blow-outs in my life would be an understatement, and I can honestly say that this was one of the best. My hair felt soft and shiny for days, and aside from a few touch-ups each morning, I really didn't have to do much to my hair throughout the entire trip. I would highly recommend them, and if I ever return to London I'll be making Duck and Dry a first stop tradition.

Go to the markets

For anyone who loves Notting Hill, going to the Portobello Street Market is a must. There are so many vendors selling everything from vintage boxing gloves to records to old Disney storybooks. At first I had to convince Sean to make the trek here from our hotel, but in the end he were both happy we went. We ate at Farm Girl, a healthy cafe with the most unique lattes, and also stopped at an adorable cookie shop called Biscuiteers.

Sean loves to sleep in, so most mornings I would venture off to do girly things and take pictures. On Sunday morning, I went to Columbia Road Flower Market which consists of a huge block full of flower vendors. For any photographer or blogger this is heaven because there are so many opportunities to build content. On my list as well was a bakery called Lilli Vanilli, which was just off of Columbia Road. I stopped in to get myself a little treat, and the lemon tart I had was as delectable as I was expecting it to be.

Go to a Museum

Though I'm not the type that likes to spend all day going to museums and galleries, I do like to visit one or two whenever I'm in a big city. We heard great things about the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was right down the street from our hotel, so we knew we had to pay it a visit. Luckily for me, there was also a Balenciaga exhibit on, which was an authentic reminder that fashion truly is one of the greatest forms of art. Sean actually loved the museum, as he is a huge history buff, and I was so happy every time I heard him say "This is so cool, take a picture of me!" as I knew he was truly enjoying the experience.

Visit a tourist attraction

Though we didn't end up going inside Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey like we had originally planned, the one tourist attraction we knew we had to see was the London Eye. The giant ferris wheel type structure takes you high enough to get an incredible view of London, and see the city and some of it's many sights from up above. I was really glad that we decided to go up, as it was relaxing, fun and worth the price. I recommend getting the fast track tickets, as we did not wait more than five minutes between the time we arrived and the time we got onto the ride.

Visit the colourful homes

For any blogger or instagrammer, regardless of your aesthetic, you will be nothing short of houses for photo ops in London. Some mornings I went farther to find colourful strips of houses, but there were also some in Notting Hill, and just off of King's Road in Chelsea (pictured below.) The houses above were part of a strip I found in Primrose Hill on a detour I took to Selfridges one morning.

I knew I had to take full advantage of all the pink houses and doors that were to be found around London. I swear everywhere we went I found a potential dream home. The house below on Trevor Square is actually just around the corner from Harrod's, and the house with the 'Love' sign was right around the corner from The Phene.

Overall, we had a fabulous trip, and I am so happy that my dream of visiting London finally came true. For anyone who has questions about London that go beyond what I wrote here, feel free to leave a comment below and I will answer everything you have to ask!

With love,

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