The last few years have been huge for me when it comes to developing my emotional and psychological maturity. As someone whose interests lay closest to those of a thirteen year old girl, it can sometimes be confusing to know which qualities to let go of and which ones I should hold on to. Though I definitely don't think there's anything wrong with my Disney Princess obsession, or being the only person over 11 on the playground with my cousins, I think it's important to find balance between acting like a kid, while also having a good grasp on adult responsibilities and behaviour.

With that being said, what do you call yourself when you feel like you're getting a hang of the whole 'adulting' thing, but still have a closet full of stuffed toys? What do you call yourself when you're not a teenager anymore, but you're still not sure what it means to be in your mid-twenties? When I saw this t-shirt, I knew exactly how to describe this current stage of life: adult-ish.

Expect the Unexpected

Over the last few years, I've become more and more infatuated with the idea that good things happen when you least expect them to. Though it may sound cliché, when I think about this concept in terms of my own life occurrences, it is simply far too true to deny. I love the idea of living life without expectations, and it's something I'm continuously training myself to do on a regular basis.

When Sean and I worked on the second half of this photoshoot (click here if you missed the first half) with Elvira Glawatzki and Jess Jiang, we had our own hopes and expectations to deal with. We had planned on shooting at three different locations, but only ended up being able to shoot at one of the places we had planned.

Spread the Joiy

I was so excited when I received an invite to attend the Joiy luncheon at Wish Restaurant last week. Before then, I had never heard of Joiy wine, but I was instantly blown away by the beautiful, robin's egg blue packaging the second I looked them up. The event could not have been held in a better setting. Wish has always reminded me of a rustic, British cottage, with an atmosphere that is casual, yet cute. The venue, which was already a favourite of mine, truly showcased the fun-loving, bohemian feel of the Joiy brand.

Picture Perfect

In an age ruled by Facebook and Instagram, it has become so easy - and almost natural - to compare ourselves to others on a regular basis. At times, when I find myself caught in this mindset, there's a quote that pops into my head:

"The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel." 
-Steve Furtick

Most often, though something may appear to be picture perfect, it has rarely surfaced without a struggle. We all want to share the best parts of our lives, but are so hesitant when it comes to revealing our flaws. I know for myself, I never want to come across as negative, unattractive or unsuccessful, and for those reasons, there are aspects of my life I simply choose not to share on social media. It's OK to keep certain things to ourselves, but just because we don't share them, doesn't mean they don't occur.

The Power of Change

This week a powerful message I heard really stuck with me: if you don't create change, you will always stay in the same place. Like many valuable pieces of advice, it sounds so simple, but has a huge effect if you take the time to apply it to your life. Whenever we are faced with something we don't like, or a difficult situation, all we wish is that things were different. But how many of us spend as much time trying to fix these situations as we do dwelling on them? I myself am guilty of getting trapped into the latter from time to time, but I like to think that over the last few years I've gotten a lot better at letting things go, and solving my problems in a practical way.

Have you ever heard Albert Einstein's definition of insanity? He literally says "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." I fully agree with this, and I try to keep this quote in mind when I find myself in a funk. You can apply this to any aspect of your life. Think about that girl who always goes for the same type of guy, and is surprised every time he cheats on her. Think about people who always say they want to lose weight, but never actually work out or eat healthy. Think about that person you know who complain about his job, but never actually looks for anything else. I've got news for you: if you don't do things differently, nothing is going to change.

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